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Reply to "Poems to Remember"

Feeling helpless to do anything about the events of the last two weeks, I wrote this verse. I think of it as a song, but I don't write music. If anyone can set it to music, or knows someone effected by the events of the last two weeks who might find comfort in this, please use it as you can.
Therese Murphy 9/21/01
Orlando, Florida

We Are With You Now

These our cities, these are our sisters
These are our brothers who perished this day
Close your eyes and try to feel this union of spirits
Hold it inside you as you start to find your way

What do you need, what can we give you
You have our blood, our hearts and our prayers
Where is the language to solace, to comfort
Does it lighten you pain to know it is shared

We are with you now
We send the best we have to offer
We are with you now
In each and every way that matters
We'll love and stand beside you
In horror, hope and healing
We are with you now
And we will not forget
You are part of us forever

Part of our struggle,part of our mission
Is moving ahead, while still wondering why
We can hold onto this, this we do know:
Spirit, love and memories never die

I feel a obliged to the lost and the living
To find and to do all the good that I can
Though nothing will ever balance the losses
The sacrifice is greater if it leaves us lesser than


With our shattered lives and wounded spirits
Let us treat each other like the grieving souls we are
We can honor the dead, the mourning and the heroes
Only by opening our tired, broken hearts

Tonight we'll offer silent prayers
In place of words, which come so hard
We'll embrace you ino our hopes and thoughts
As though you could be in our arms


Therese Murphy