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I call upon all my fellow Ebayers to donate whatever they can to the W.T.C. Relief Fund thats listed on the front page of Ebay. There are millions of Ebay members and we should all give. And, The owners of Ebay should match us dollar for dollar. The terrorists did terrorize us. For a short time. But them not knowing the resolve of the American people was a big mistake. I know my neighbor and I know my family. We are stronger. But give where you can. God Bless America!
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Originally posted by Mark A. Inglese:
The owners of Ebay should match us dollar for dollar

Thousands of people are dead, and a chunk of our country is gone, and you want Ebay to pay you back for what you donate - supposedly out of the good of your own heart? God sent his son Jesus to die for us so that our sins may be forgiven, and all he asked for in return was that we follow his will and accept him as our Savior.

It's time to stop thinking about ourselves and being selfish, and to start thinking about others.

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