Melissa Rose Barnes - Pentagon

Melissa was 27 years old when the tradgedy occured on September 11, 2001. She will be missed by all in her family tree. Born, November 28, 1973 Melissa was a Yeoman Second Class in the U.S. Navy. Her parents are Alan & Linda Mennie.
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I miss you Melissa and I pray that you are at peace.

I was in boot camp (where she was the company MA) and stationed with Melissa at Patuxent River, MD. We clicked quickly in boot camp when we both realized we were Queensrych fans. :) After boot camp when we were at Pax, I didn't have my tapes/cd and Melissa recorded every Queensrych tape she had so that I would have a copy.

She was truly a beautiful person.

Angie Bartolino-Klonglan
AIM: Angie6595

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