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I feel so bad for the lil ones missing someone at Christmas...

It's Christmas morning, and there is no tree, no presents, just mommy and me..
I see her sit and cry, I try hug her neck, she always cries, she told a friend she's a nerv's wreck..

But it's Christmas morning, was I bad? why is everyone crying and looking so sad..?
I try to make funny faces, but they just turn away, my Aunti told my Uncle "I can't let her see me this way.." I know I'm just little, I mean I'm
only five, but even I know what they are talking about, they wish my Daddy was alive..

He went to work a long time ago, and never came back home, he stopped to help some people so they wouldn't be alone..when the buidling he was in fell down I know he wasn't scared, cause my Daddy was the bravest, he showed them that he cared..

But I sure miss him holding me, and kissing my lil cheek, I think of him everyday, I wish I could hear him speak, I guess that's why they're so sad, and all acting that way, cause this is the first Christmas, since my Daddy went away...

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